Exporting From the USA to Belgium

Shipping goods from the USA to Belgium need ton’t take that long if you get the paper work in advance and ready your products for shipment. If you have decided to choice to go on to Belgium, you will need to understand what files to complete and exactly what rates you may count on.

Delivery Motor Vehicles into Belgium

If shipping a car You’ll Need the following advice:

The original certificate saying that the dwelling in Belgium
The original enrollment and title into the car
Proof of insurance coverage out of the united states that the vehicle came out from. The insurance must be valid for six months prior to your coming in Belgium.
An original purchase statement of the auto
Proof of one’s residency for that past a year ahead of arriving in Belgium
Duplicate of your passport with a signature site us address.

All habits regulations must be contained at the stock exchange that shows that the vehicle manufacturer, the engine number and body number, along with of the automobile and

the type of auto.

In the event you have a secondhand automobile, you can enter it to get free as long as your owner has possessed the car for at least six weeks before moving to Belgium.

Transport Home products and Individual Consequences from USA to Belgium

Just before you move, you have to simply take list of whatever you are packing. The inventory needs to get filed together side all the identity documents, your first certificate of dwelling in Belgium, and also proof of your cancellation of residence overseas.

In case your items have been shipped from a non-EEC nation, you’re going to need a certificate that shows the master hasn’t dwelt within the EEC throughout the twelve months prior coming. If you’re going a company, you’re going to require a professionally authorized and made with the employer that confirms that your move. If this is a private removal, you’ll need a certificate that’s issued by the Belgian Consulate at the position of source that confirms the transfer.

If you are a foreigner and also would not have a certificate of residence in Belgium, then you will be at the mercy of a price of 15% to customs and obligations. You will also be accountable for 19% VAT charge and BFRS five hundred in the event you’re fined.

Get exactly what paper work you are ahead of time and also keep tabs on all of your items as a way to move the procedure combined the moment you achieve the port.

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